Ketones are Not Harmful

carbohydratesEating many times a day is not good that’s why many people have become accustomed to food cravings. Carbohydrates fuels food cravings and if the fats are not burned, they will be stored inside the body and could make you fatter. In order to stop the carvings and fulfill your appetite, it is advised that you consume more PEOs or foods that contain more PEOs.

But many religious sects are doing fasting for prolonged periods of time and even weeks, and have safely done so for thousand years. Real-life results and Nature’s time-tested wisdom offer more valuable guidance than the most popular unsupported theoretical guesses by those defending biased positions. The result of this bad advice made diabetes epidemic accelerated.

It has been known that inducing ketosis by minimizing carbohydrates will cannibalize the muscle tissue. It is a medical fact that after 30-5 days of fasting, human body re-adjusts to what is considered “Natural setpoint”, requiring only 1/3 the amount of glucose it has been forced to tolerate daily burning “the great 50-year carbohydrate eating experiment”, we could eat less than 1/3 of a bagel a day and maintain a superb health. The brain and nervous system start to use ketones, because they finally get them fat-burning. The muscle is spared.

Ketones and protein are not bad for the kidneys and liver. Most of the nitrogen from the protein will be automatically and harmlessly converted to urea in the liver and will be excreted by the kidneys (a normal process), and the carbons are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water. The ketones are used as primary fuel by the vital organs, the heart, the liver and the skeletal muscles. It’s not the carbohydrates that fuel the vital organs, but the ketones are that’s why they are not harmful to human body.


Mike Maunu – Founder