Keys To A Healthy Lifestyle

healthy dietMany people claim that human body needs carbohydrates to become energized and healthy, but that’s completely false. Carbohydrate make you fat and high-carbohydrate consumption is not healthy. It can cause diabetes, heart attack and obesity. Many people have been bombarded with information on how to lose weight, how to prevent obesity or any solution to solve obesity and any sickness that are caused by too much eating.

Weight loss is not just taking any supplements or cutting off meals, it’s eating a healthy diet that could satisfy your food cravings for the entire day without eating every hour. The solution is very simple, satisfy your cravings with a diet that is full of essential food nutrients. Human body needs essential nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, natural fats, protein and other vitamins and minerals that you can only acquire fully from the food that you eat.

A healthy diet requires foods that are great sources of PEOs, protein and natural fats. You can get these foods from “Living Foods Diet” or fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, organic meat, organic dairy products like cheese and milk, and organic poultry products like eggs. Another way of becoming healthy and lean-for-life is by avoiding processed foods. These are foods that are commonly prepared by food chains and commercial restaurants. Food processing destroys food nutrients, and your body needs a lot of those nutrients to satisfy your cravings. Nutrient deficiency is the number one cause of food cravings, your body craves for the lacking nutrients that’s why you eat more and your cravings will only stop until you get all those nutrients that your body needs. So that’s the reason why you have to practice a healthy diet, you should eat foods that contain the essential nutrients that your body needs to satisfy your cravings.


Mike Maunu – Founder