Keys To Staying Lean-For-Life

PEOs-based foods

It requires a different approach to maintain your ideal weight from losing weight. If you can stop gaining weight, then you have already stopped the battle of the bulge. It is really important and a great accomplishment for an overweight person to stop gaining weight.

Once you understand how to stop gaining weight you can concentrate on losing those unwanted pounds. You need to understand  that human beings are not animals like cow or goat that are designed to eat all day. However, both nutritionist and physicians have overlooked our physiology when they recommended “proper nutrition” which has contributed to obesity epidemic in America.

When you choose the right kind of food to eat which are the PEOs-based foods or the “Living Food” diet, you will be amazed at the amount of delicious food you ca consume while still losing those unwanted pounds. The right kinds of diet to stay lean-for-life are foods that contain unadulterated PEOs . They are the unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also eat meat, only from cattle animals that eat grass. Grass contains great amount of PEOs that’s why animals that eat them are healthy for your diet. There are also nuts that contain PEOs such as almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

The only choice is which mode you want to be in, fat-burning or “non-fat-burning” mode. With this, weight gain can be eliminated. Having the flexibility to choose between non-fat burning and fat burning is a relief, because you are in control all the time.


Mike Maunu – Founder