July, 29th 2006Dear Brian,
Although The Hidden Story of Cancer addresses cancer prevention, I thought it could be beneficial for anyone considering purchasing this book, to know how many more medical conditions can be helped by implementing the findings in this remarkable book . Our son, Rick, who is almost 11 years old now, has what is called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a condition which causes benign tumours to grow in the brain. Because of that he has severe intractable seizures .

When he was three years old, we put him on the so-called “ketogenic diet,”
because, after trying 20 different prescriptions, no seizure medication helped him. NONE ever made him even close to seizure-free. The ketogenic diet is a special method of treating epilepsy (seizure disorders)
. That diet did work for him for a while, but finally, the seizures returned, as fierce and powerful as ever. We didn’t know what to do anymore .

We couldn’t take him off the ketogenic diet, for that made his seizures worse altogether, so we knew that too many carbohydrates were not good for him. We learned as much as we could about carbohydrates, protein and oils. And finally we realized that it was not only the high carbohydrates that made him sick, but also the wrong kinds of fat. We learned about fats and oils and decided to put him on olive oil and fish oil capsules . Well, even though we knew those oils were a better choice, we didn’t see any change in his behavior or decrease in the frequency or intensity of his seizures .

For years we changed oils, trying all kinds of renowned fish oils on the market , from supermarket stuff to real expensive deep sea fish capsules, but nothing ever made a dent in the seizures he had and he didn’t get any better.
We even tried so-called “omega capsules” from a well known autism institute. They gave us cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. But Rick got worse. His seizures skyrocketed and he became very ill.

Then we took away all the oils, because the physicians said the worsening seizures could be a side-effect of the oils because of Rick’s autism. We never tried anything but olive oil after that. Although we knew that there was something healthy about omega3/6/9 in oils, we didn’t know what it was that was going to help Rick, so we stopped looking.

Then, after a few years of following Brian Peskin’s recommendations for my own health-related issues and seeing good results, I was finally confident enough and trusted Brian’s knowledge enough to try them with my son.

It was the best choice I have made for Rick so far. Within days of implementing the recommendations in this book, Rick became much more stable, so that now he is almost seizure-free. Now any seizures last for a couple of minutes and only occur once or twice a day. Before he had major Grand Mal seizures throughout the day . Rick is much more alert, his cognitive skills are so much better now and he is feeling so great! He has a radiant and shining skin, while before his skin was dry and needed to be moisturized every day. He is not sleeping during the day anymore and sleeps much better at night.

We have been able to reduce the ketogenic diet to a normal lower carbohydrate diet. Now my son is growing normally . Before implementing your recommendation, his growth had fallen very much behind average.

We are very thankful for finding this scientific information, especially the correct EFA requirements . If following your suggestions could help my son, imagine what it must be doing internally for the average person! Personally, I have never felt better.

My best to you Brian,
Lilian Beukhof, Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

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