Minimize Insulin Output by Eating PEOs than Carbs

GI-based dietThe human body responds to carbohydrates by releasing insulin. The insulin amount generated is a critical factor that is often overlooked. Whether the carbohydrate is absorbed slowly or more quickly into the body is inconsequential. The popular notion that some carbs are better than others, the good carbs versus the bas carbs is what most people follow, but they still get fatter instead of losing weight. Many followers of this approach distinguish between carbs using glycemic index or GI. This index assigns a value to different carbohydrates based on their supposed absorption rate into the human body. There is much controversy concerning the glycemic index and its relationship to simple and complex sugar.

Popular diet and nutritional books tell us those low glycemic index foods, like brown rice, have a delayed blood sugar response compared to high glycemic index foods like soda. These books also tell us that a high glycemic food will abnormally lower your resting sugar level too. Both statements are all wrong.

Women who have lost weight have told their success, they have avoided high glycemic index as well as low GI foods. They totally stopped consuming both high and low GI foods. The bottom line is, weight loss came from decreased of total carbohydrate intake, not substituting high GI foods with low GI foods.

If you want to lose weight, you must eat PEOs-based foods. They are fresh vegetables and some fruits. They are organic foods that need to be eaten fresh and raw. Processed foods like French fries that are deep fried with cooking oil are loaded with carbs. Parent Essential Oils or PEOs contain the much needed EFAs or Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 that our body needs in order to function very well.


Mike Maunu – Founder