Misinformation About Carbohydrates

carbohydrateEvery 20 calories of carbohydrate is a teaspoon of sugar in disguise and it makes no difference whether that carbohydrate is termed simple as found in a sweet soft drink or “complex” as in brown organic rice. Unluckily, the misinformation in the nutritional world still reigns supreme. Here’s a quote from a luminary scientist, Nobel Prize-winner Richard Feynman, with regards to how misinformation keeps getting parroted, “Experts were quoting data based on inaccurate research. I never pay attention to experts.” That’s the reason why people should not listen to any information being parroted by some experts about how helpful carbohydrates are to human body, because they are not.

There’s a book published back in 1966 (before the Atkin’s diet) titled, “Martinis and Whipped Cream”. It was stated in the book that, “The carbohydrate calorie is more fattening than any other kind of calorie. This is scientific fact that is now revolutionizing the eating habits of millions. Only the villain carbohydrates need to be watched.” What the book says is correct! However, it’s tragic that most people today including nutritionists and physicians have never heard of this book and certainly don’t follow its recommendations. If this book have been read and followed by experts and patients, maybe obesity problem has been minimized.

Even carbs were known to be a problem, there are other nutrients like natural fat, protein and Parent Essential Oils or PEOs that are believed to be more essential and helpful to human body. These essential nutrients are wonderful and extremely healthful to human body. That’s why you have to change your diet and eat more foods that contain these nutrients than eating carbohydrate-based diet.


Mike Maunu – Founder