More About The Raw Food/”Living Food” Diet

living foods dietFat in dairy products includes medium-chain triglycerides and saturated fat, absorbed and burned by the body far more efficiently than the standard 18-carbon-chain fatty acids of most plant food. It’s a fact that PEOs are incorporated into the structure of every tissue and organ in your body. PEOs are very important to be burned for energy. In exception, coconut is a tropical fruit with high fat content loaded with saturated medium-chain triglycerides carrying great health benefits, fast absorption and metabolism, like butter.

Fruit and veggie smoothie are great source of PEOs also. You can start your day with fruit smoothie. Instead of just fruits, you can also add vegetables and nuts. You can soak the nuts overnight for easy digestion.

Another way of eating “Living food” diet is preparing a salad. Raw vegetables are great source of PEOs. Supper is a phenomenal salad. You can consume about two pounds of raw vegetables in it. You can make your own salad and the raw veggies will vary seasonally depending on what you grow in your backyard or what fresh and organic veggies are available in the market. You can add beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, leafy lettuce, mushrooms, mustard greens, onions, tomatoes and etc. Onion is a powerful anticancer food, so you must eat or add always on your salad. It is loaded just like with garlic, with detoxifying sulfur compounds. You can also make your own healthy salad dressing.

You can add Brewer’s yeast to your salad and add green “superfoods” like chlorella or spirulina as well as to your smoothies. To your morning smoothies, you can add organic blueberries. They are always available in the market, frozen during the off months. Berries are considered “superfood”.


Mike Maunu – Founder