More Exercise is Not Required To Get Lean and Stay Lean

essential fatsWith today’s problem about obesity in America and the rest of the world, doing extra exercise is not a great help to keep everyone thin. Everyone’s heart is naturally “healthy” and 100% oxygenated with the proper diet. It’s a fact that the heart beats 100,000 times a day. If anyone suggests that your heart needed more exercise or aerobic work, it’s not their heart that needs to be examined, it’s their head. Doing excessive exercise can actually make anyone gets fatter and fast, because it increases appetite and food cravings. Exercise stimulates anyone to eat more of those fattening foods especially carbohydrates than the exercise can counteract. The recommendations to get more and more exercise regularly have failed miserably.

Some cardiologists, nutritionists and trainers that advised that you stay away from foods containing fat because it causes heart attack. Yes, they are correct, but not all fats are dangerous. There are fats like natural fats that are healthy for your body and your body needs them. You have to distinguish between adulterated fats like hydrogenated fats and transfats versus healthful essential fats or EFAs like hydrogenated fats that contain fully functional Parent Essential Oils or PEOs. These fully functional PEOs contain natural fats like fresh fruits and vegetables, some nuts and organic/natural meat from animals that eat grass. Eggs, natural cheese and other dairy products from animals that eat grass are great sources of natural fats. Enjoying saturated fat is one of the secrets of getting lean and staying lean-for-life. There is no saturated fat in clogged arteries. The major component in killer clogs that are responsible for many heart related deaths are adulterated processes fats. If you eat refined baked goods, you are getting transfats, hydrogenated fats and adulterated oils too, from the Crisco, margarine and processed cooking oils.


Mike Maunu – Founder