Natural Fats Prevents Cancer

Natural unadulterated fatA major published in Journal of the American Medical Association stated that there was no evidence that lower intake of total fat or a specific type of fat, was associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer. Contrary to the prevailing information given by physicians and other nutritionists, the overall trend was the more fat you eat, the less breast cancer contracted.

This only means that eating unprocessed natural fats are not the cause of breast cancer. Natural unadulterated fat is not dangerous to your health, rather it is your friend. It has been confirmed in the February 8, 2006 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, which showed that a low-fat diet does not reduce the risk of cancer as well as cardiovascular disease or CVD.

Your body needs essential fats or EFAs, the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 to fully function. Your body can’t produce EFAs and you can only acquire them from the food that you consume. In order to get the essential fats that your body needs, you have to eat foods that contain PEOs.

A blend of organic parent omega 6 and parent omega 3 is ideal because you can get the appetite-fulfilling oils, and you also get nutrition that may be missing from your food as a result of commercial food processing.

Wrong nutritional recommendations not based on science can make choosing delicious tasting and healthful foods difficult. When the truth is known, eating becomes fun again. And you can stay on the path to become healthy and lean-for-life too.


Mike Maunu – Founder