Natural Fats Will Keep You Energized

natural fatsToday, American people always complained about lack of energy. The only solution that physicians recommend is more sleep which is not really the solution. Nutritionists also will tell you that carbohydrates will provide you with lots energy and this recommendation is wrong! The truth is carbohydrates will give you a huge sugar low and exhaustion. However, natural fats never give an energy low. Nutritionists keep telling people how unhealthy fats are, but they never knew that not all fats are dangerous to human health. Natural fats are healthy and will keep you energized.

It was accurately reported in one of the world’s leading heart journals, Journal of Cardiovascular Risk that, “Low-fat diet has been considerably less effective in lowering total or LDL cholesterol than predicted.” Replacing saturated fat with carbohydrate was found worthless and there’s no saturated fats are found in Aortic plaque. Therefore, eating saturated fat did not cause heart disease. The truth is saturated fats do not clog arteries. This is obvious, if you understand biochemistry. Apparently, most cardiologists missed this. This only means that you can enjoy eating high-fat diet again like bacon, butter, real cheese, steak and whipped cream again. Natural fats can keep you lean and energized for life like PEOs.

If you have been told by your nutritionist or physician to practice low-fat diet by stop eating delicious foods like steak or butter and switch to margarine, don’t follow them. You can’t beat the taste of healthfulness or organically produced butter. It has been reported by Textbook of Medical Physiology that the energy in butter cannot be stored as body fat. Butter is used directly for energy.


Mike Maunu – Founder