Oxidized EFA Esters Can Cause Heart Disease

heart diseaseIt was made clear by Dr. Spiteller that not saturated fat causes heart disease but oxidized EFA esters. Dr. Spiteller explained how it was incorrectly “deduced” that saturated fats were artery-clogging when an elementary understanding of biochemistry disproves that possibility. Then he shows that omega 3 oils can’t be “artery protective” like is so often claimed.

Dr. Spiteller has published the truths about cholesterol. He stated in his article that “Cholesterol is transported to cells in esterified form by low-density lipoprotein (LDL). LDL is recognized by an endothelial cell receptor and induced into the cell by endocytosis. There, the esters are cleaved (removed). The resulting free cholesterol is transformed to cell wall. The overall process is strictly regulated.” The LDL in atherosclerotic patients is altered through oxidation. The altered LDL is taken up in unlimited amounts by microphages. The dead microphages that are filled with cholesterol esters are finally deposited in arteries. The fact that LDL is rendered toxic by oxidation raises the question, which constituents of LDL are prone to oxidation?

He made clear that parent omega 6 is transferred to the cell wall in a strictly regulated process. However, once the cholesterol becomes oxidized, the process of removing the defective material becomes unregulated and it ends up in a large part in your arteries. It is the parent omega 6 that is the most significant altered substance of LDL, not saturated. The prime cause of heart disease is the defective parent omega 6. In addition, protein-based foods and PEOs can help you become and stay lean-for-life and are best for weight loss.


Mike Maunu – Founder