Parent Essential Oils (PEOs): Athlete Advantage

athlete advantageParent Essential Oils (PEOs) is very beneficial to all athletes including professional football players, PGA golfers, hockey players, and martial artists. The field of Sports Medicine also benefits from the PEO Solution. Just 1,500 mg or so of a proper PEO formulation 20 minutes before workouts makes all the difference.

An ideal natural performance enhancer is by incorporating Parent Essential Oils into a training regimen – Protein powder/Fruit smoothie + PEOs combo. The goal here is for the body to use glucose efficiently, which will be cleared from the system during exercise as it is used.

You can get a mixture numerous naturally occurring carbohydrate sources from fruits. For maximum performance, athletes need natural performance enhancer and this “secret” allows a significant advantage, and add the Parent Essential Oils for even more athlete advantage.

Muscles use glucose as a fuel under initial extreme physical stress. In addition, “Adding extra glucose [sugar] to muscle will not make it work faster.” Nutrition for Fitness and Sport, pg. 95. The energy is manufactured quicker (anaerobically) than in the mitochondria (aerobically), but inefficiently. If muscular activity continues, the availability of oxygen used in the electron transport chain is the limiting factor in performance.

For optimum performance, combine Parent Essential Oils with Living Foods and oxidation. The latter will increase the oxygen tension in your tissues, while PEOs will permit faster and increased transport, and the nutrients in your Living Foods will permit combustion of your newly increased oxygen delivery.

Athletes should consume some carbohydrates preferably from whole fruit but don’t overdo it with grains, or efforts in the gym will be counteracted. Human Growth Hormone is minimized by carbohydrate consumption. The Protein Powder / Fruit Smoothie combination is ideal. Add Parent Essential Oils, and it is dynamite!


Mike Maunu – Founder