Parent Essential Oils (PEOs): The DIFFERENCE Part 2

Don’t make the “EFA mistake” by unknowingly substituting derivatives for parents! It is not about EFAs, it is about PEOs!

Parent Essential OilsThis is crucial for you to understand. There are a host of omega-6 and omega-3 oils being sold as EFAs that are not EFAs, but rather consist of nonessential derivatives such as EPA, DHA, and GLA. Fish oils are made up almost exclusively of  omega-3 derivatives. Scientifically and biochemically, calling derivatives such as EPA, DHA and GLA by the term “EFA” is simply wrong. Derivatives are not EFAs because they are not essential—your body has the ability to make them itself, and does so only as needed. Professor Peskin’s research has shown that supplementing with the derivatives so commonly found in the marketplace and mislabeled as “EFAs” can easily overdose you and be harmful to your health.

Our Oxygen4Life PEOs (United States Patent N0. US 8,431,165 B2) are naturally produced and cold-pressed seed oils that contain parent omega-3 and omega-6. Unlike PEOs, fish oil supplements are not pure seed oils and can be harmful to health. Our EFAs really work and they are developed in order to achieve specific and calculated results.

Physicians and health professionals around the world rely on Professor Peskin’s scrupulously detailed research. Now, you can benefit too. Truly understanding how PEOs work is essential before making recommendations for your daily nutritional regimen. We provide meticulous science to support these conclusions. We recommend that everyone always demand to see the science before taking any supplements or medications so you can avoid problems in the future.


Mike Maunu – Founder