Parent Omega 3 and Omega 6 – Essential Fats That the Body Can’t Make

PEOs 15PEOs are essential fats that our body can’t produce and they must come from food. The Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 are fats have two or more double bonds. The Parent omega 6 is an 18-carbon fat that contains two double bonds and which is also called linoleic acid (LA). The Parent Omega 3, a fat with three double bonds and which is called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Both these essential fats must come from food.

All significant longer chain structures are made from the Parents by the body on an “as needed” basis. They are technically termed as “long-chain derivatives,” or (long chain) metabolites. Or you can simply call them “derivatives.”

Below are the most well-known and significant derivatives are:

  • GLA (Parent omega 6 series) – substrate for PGE. It is the most powerful anti-inflammatory and vasodilator of the body.
  • AA (Parent omega 6 series) – Substrate for PGI. It is the most powerful natural “blood thinner/platelet anti-aggregator/anti-adhesive/vasodilator of the body.
  • EPA (Parent omega 3 series) – Very small amounts naturally produced.
  • DHA (Parent omega 3 series) – very small amounts naturally produced.

Compared to Parent omega 6 series derivative, Parent omega 3 series derivatives are very weak. However, once fish oil became the daily supplement, rationality disappeared. Unbelievably, the fish oil proponents will claim that because the elongation pathways are the same for both series. So having less Parent omega 6 is relatively better because Omega 6 is bad. Note that Parent omega-6 is twice as effective in oxygen transfer.


Mike Maunu – Founder