PEOs are the Answer to the Autism Epidemic

AutismAutism has become an epidemic today. It has been reported that fish oil potentially damages the brains of both infants and adults because they displace the critical Parent omega 6 series metabolites. Another cause of autism is the PEOs deficiency, which should be consumed by pregnant women and nursing moms instead of fish oil. The medical journal’s authors specifically warned parents against feeding fish oil to infants. The consumption of fish oil can be much more threatening especially to pregnant moms.  The pregnant mom can unintentionally feed her unborn baby a brain-damaging substance. If this continues once breast-feeding starts, a mom taking fish oil supplements can unintentionally cause even more damage to her newborn.

This new epidemic has been spotlighted by a recent article in Town and Country Magazine titled “Autism’s Angels“:

“Autism on the rise: Autism is the nation’s fastest growing development disorder.”

“Twelve years ago 1 child in 10,000 was diagnosed with it; now 1 in 166 children will fall somewhere on the autistic spectrum…”

“Currently, 1 million to 1.5 million people are diagnosed with autism in the United States – a number that could reach 4 million within a decade if the trend continues.”

For over a decade, autism cases have grown from 0.01% to over 0.06%. Now 1 out of 88 children are diagnosed with autism and the numbers are constantly increasing. This devastating disorder increases in such an alarming rate because things are terribly wrong in our daily diet, specifically the consumption of fish oil by pregnant moms.

Consumption of fish oil should be stopped and replaced by PEOs. Parent Essential Oils (PEOS) are integral to the developing and mature brain as well as the complete neurological system. PEOs are the “Foundation of Radiant Health”. Pregnant women and nursing moms need to ensure the health of their unborn and infant child by taking sufficient PEOs needed in their daily diet.


Mike Maunu – Founder