PEOs Are The “Brick & Mortar” Of Each Cell

unadulterated PEOsEvery cell membrane contains 25% – 33% PEOs. Every mitochondrion, typically hundreds to thousands per cell contains them too. Dr. Bruce Lipton, evolutionary biologist, understands how important the cell membrane is to “the intelligence” of the cell. Also Nobel Prize-winner Otto Warburg, MD, PhD also understands it and he stated, “The most important and completely unexpected result of the present investigation is the proof that the plasma-membrane as such, and not because substances pass in or out through it, plays an important role in the oxidative metabolism (required for intelligence) of the cell.

95% of PEOs stay as PEOs and consequently the emphasis must be placed on the “Parents.” Now it cannot be denied that PEOs are the “brick & mortar” of every cell, tissue and organ, which also includes mitochondria.

So in order to get the right of PEOs that our body needs, we need to eat unprocessed foods like fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. We need unadulterated PEOs or still in their “Parent” form. If the food we eat have undergone food processing, it results to adulterated PEOs which is not needed by our body. Adulterated PEOs can cause cancer and other illness.

Our body needs unadulterated PEOs to become lean for life and living foods diet is the right diet that our body needs to get the nutrients that we need in their “Parent” form. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of PEOs, meat from grass eater animals, healthy oils and some nuts like almonds and walnuts.


Mike Maunu – Founder