PEOs as Anti-Inflammatory Protection

cancerConventional cancer methods often fail. In the insightful Townsend Letter series of three articles by Anthony and Apostolides reported on the failures of the U.S. cancer program operated by the National Cancer Institute from 1975 through 2007.

Breast cancer typically takes center stage, but men should be also concerned too because men contract the most cancer overall. It was currently concluded by the Apostolides’ that the modern accepted methods of treating cancer are not working well.  The reason that they are not working well is that, they don’t acknowledge cancer’s prime cause. Unlike other cancer treatment methods, PEO Solution directly addresses the prime cause of cancer by fully incorporating the seminal discoveries of Nobel Prize-winner Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph. D.

In 2012, Dr. David Agus, one of the top oncologists in the U.S., gave a keynote address and spoke of the need to take a new approach to cancer treatment. As reported in the Fortune magazine article, Dr. Agus, a prominent cancer researcher noted that, “The death rate from cancer hasn’t changed much since 1950.” Dr. Agus recommended that by keep your patient healthy so that disease can’t take root in the first place. He also observed that the body triggers inflammation when something goes wrong in order to rally all the system of the body to heal whatever is inured and he also said that “the way to keep your body’s soil healthy is to retreat. He also made an odd statement that “We should be able to control cancer without fully understanding.”


Mike Maunu – Founder