PEOs-Based Diet for A Healthy Living

PEOs-rich foodsOne of the most common problems that people are facing today is obesity. Not only adult and teenagers are having problems on how to lose weight , but even children have obesity problems. The main cause of obesity is the foods that are consumed today. Parents that are working have no time to cook for their family and often times they buy processed foods from food chains or prepared foods that are ready to eat. These types of foods contain no nutrients because they are processed. They contain adulterated PEOs that are dangerous to human health and can help people to gain more weight.

Consumption of processed foods, carbohydrates and sugar is the number 1 cause of obesity or weight gain. Overdosing of consumption of those foods can even cause dangerous diseases cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD) or diabetes. Today, several people of different age even children are suffering of such illness because nutritionist and physicians have lead people to consume foods that are supposed to be dangerous to human health. One perfect example is the consumption of fish oil. They say that fish oil supplements can help prevent cancer and other dangerous illness, but the truth is fish oil is the number 1 cause of cancer.

To prevent from getting sick, all you have to do is live a healthy lifestyle. Eat wisely, by eating PEOs-based foods. Parent Essential Oils or PEOs are great sources of essential fats that your body needs. PEOs sources are fresh fruits and vegetables. They should not be cooked in order to retain the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3.


Mike Maunu – Founder