PEOs Helps Prevent Cancer

Cancer was just an uncommon disease affecting a small percentage of Americans and only 3% of the population died of cancer in 1900. But now, cancer has become an epidemic and many people including children have been afflicted with this terrible disease. It’s now a fact that cancer is unstoppable, incurable, and even a natural part of life. This perception is a tragedy since cancer is not a natural disease for man and is preventable when proper measure is taken. PEOs

Many have claimed they have solutions to prevent cancer, but the simplest solution is simple dietary modifications.  Also, sufficient PEOs is needed along with a healthy diet to prevent cancer. This is the scientifically-based recommendations for people who already have cancer or are in remission in order to survive.

People are just relying on expert’s recommendations in the hope of winning the war on cancer. But still those solutions can’t still protect or prevent cancer.  “The cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar…. There is no disease whose prime cause is better known….” Nobel Prize-winner Otto Warburg , The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer,1969.

One great cause of cancer is the food we eat; we have to change our daily diet. We have to consume more Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) which can truly great help in oxygen transferring.  Remember, our cells are trying to stay alive, but they can’t get the necessary oxygen for respiration. In its absence, they run on sugar (carbohydrates), the energy source for fermentation. Cancer is the cells last ditch effort to survive, and in order to remedy oxygen deficiency, PEOs is needed in transferring oxygen so that cells can reproduce.


Mike Maunu – Founder