PEOs Improved Outcomes for Surgery

EFAsDr. Roncarati Andrea, the eminent Italian plastic surgeon had said great regarding improved patient outcomes with PEOs.

In February 25, 2005, as a plastic surgeon, he found out that to obtain good post-operative results according to the intensity that varies from minor to major operations (the majority are very intense operations), the repair phlogistic resolution, edema and the scar tissue are all key factors to success.

His results have improved according to the use of new surgical techniques as well as the use of antibiotics and antiphlogistic [anti-inflammatory] drugs.

However, he pointed out a new major factor that improved greatly his patients’ surgical results after introducing certain EFAs from 15 days prior to 30 days after surgery.

The level of tissue repair is what he look for especially in his practice and having the trial opportunity of five patients using Professor Brian Peskin’s EFAs recommendations, he found in all five patients an enormously improved result with better recovery by just assuming a simple prescribed medical therapy with his EFA-based recommendations.

Unlike fish oil, which causes excessive bleeding, the Peskin Protocol does not cause excessive bleeding. In fact, it makes surgery easier and improves patient recovery.

This improved recovery included:

  • faster healing
  • less inflammation
  • less scar tissue and
  • less pain to the patient

Dr. Roncarati Andrea finally believes and feels it is necessary to continue this very interesting tissue repair in the near future. “Metabolism of essential fatty acids by human epidermal enzyme preparations: evidence of chain elongation,” Journal of Lipid Research, Volume 27: 945–954, 1986.


Mike Maunu – Founder