PEOs is a Perfect Solution in Losing Weight

PEOsToday, many people are doing strenuous exercise like running a mile, hiring a gym instructor and doing diet program just to lose weight. This is the common trend today especially to women and even men too. Being fat is not a hip that’s why many people are struggling like starving and suffering body pain by doing strenuous activities just to lose weight. They are not aware that by just changing their daily diet can certainly help them lose weight. And the solution is just practicing “Living Foods” diet which is just eating PEOs rich foods.

Parent Essential Oils or PEOs are Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which are the Parent omega 6 (LA) and Parent omega 3 (ALA). They are called “Parent” because they are in the whole form or unadulterated form of the essential fats that your body needed. These two FAs, the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 can’t be manufactured by your body so they must be consumed. Their sources are the living plants like fresh fruits and vegetables, meat from cattle animals, some seeds and oils.

However, there are oils that were mistakenly believed as sources of these EFAs, fish oil supplements. Fish oils are NOT included as one of the sources of PEOs; instead they are dangerous to human health. Professor Brian Peskin has conducted some studies about the dangers and failures of Fish oil as a cure for cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and more. Not only had that adulterated fats also dangerous to your health. These are foods that have undergone food processing or have been cooked or heated in cooking oil.


Mike Maunu – Founder