PEOs Reduce Appetite and Carbohydrate Cravings

reduce carbohydrate cravingsEFAs have many other wonderful properties. An official physician and nutritionist, Dr. Cavallino have performed an experiment confirming some of these properties, especially how they cause fewer carbohydrate cravings and can provide with much more energy.

An eight-week experiment has been conducted by Dr. Cavallino with a group of his patients. These patients were already following a higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet. Some patients have been compared to certain physical manifestations among them, both prior to taking EFAs and during EFA supplementation, based on the guidelines DR. Cavallino have recommended. All those patients that have been used for experimentation were initially described as “carbohydrate addicts”.

However, before they have started their EFA supplementation, they were all told the value of a higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet. All patients were on this higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet for a minimum of four weeks before they were given EFA supplementation

During the experimentation, all patients were on a higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet before and after EFA supplementation. They were given EFA formulation which is consisted of a blend with more parent omega 6 and parent omega 3. They also suffered from carbohydrate addiction.

After the experimentation, without PEOs all patients suffered intense carbohydrate carvings and had little energy. However, after PEO supplementation , all patients appetite and carbohydrate cravings were reduced and energy and their energy and alertness increased, and lastly weight loss goal was achieved by all patients.


Mike Maunu – Founder