PEOs Support Heart Health

Heart attack victims often have depleted Parent Essential Oil (PEOs) levels, which includes the PEO derivatives AA and EPA. You have to note that EPA is a Parent omega 3 derivative.  PEO deficiency is called an “independent risk factor” for heart attack. This means that regardless of cholesterol levels, if you have PEO deficiency, you are at great risk for cardiovascular disease.

It was stated in New England Journal of Medicine that “Diets high in polyunsaturated fat (PEOs) have been more effective than low fat, high-carbohydrate diets in lowering cholesterol as well as the incidence of heart disease.”

In America, the #1 killer is vascular-related disease. Heart HealthPEOs supports heart health by producing, prostaglandins, eicosanoids, and leukotrienes. These substances are needed by your body which can only be produced with PEO’s and particularly from Parent omega 6.

These biochemical agents produced by PEO’s ensure that:

  • arteries remain clean
  • arteries remain flexible
  • arteries stay unobstructed
  • blood pressure is normalized
  • platelets don’t clump together – Parent omega 6 and its metabolites are natural “blood thinners”

Therefore, sufficient PEO’s are needed to minimize atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, which significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

It has been told that statin drugs mimic the action of PEOs. Simply because “statins and polyunsaturated fatty acids have similar actions.” Doesn’t it make sense to try the “real thing” instead of the imitator, particularly in light of the known side effects of statins, which range from memory loss to sexual dysfunction to muscle problems to immune depression, and more?

Oxygen4Life PEOs are patented under US 8,431,165 B2


Mike Maunu – Founder