Proper Diet to A Healthy Life

Parent Essential OilsWhen it comes to human health, most people seem to get absolutely nowhere. Several people have been deluged almost daily with information on how sick, diabetic and overweight everyone is, yet the solutions provided are damaging human health or are just plain worthless. Becoming energized and lean-for-life is very easy, based on human physiology and biochemistry.

There are some scientific facts that you need to be aware of if you want to become and stay energized and lean-for-life. It is not advisable that you eat more than 3 times a day. The more often you eat, the hungrier you get. If you eat more than 3 times a day, you’re on your way to becoming overweight and/or diabetic. Human pancreas is designed to produce insulin just twice a day. Carbohydrates are non-essential. Your body makes the carbohydrates required from your own body fat and the protein you eat. No one ever suffered from a “carbohydrate deficiency”.

However, there are protein and essential fat deficiencies – unlike carbs, these must come from food, and your body can’t make them. Your body requires Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs and you can only acquire them by eating Parent Essential Oils or PEOs. You can get them by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meat (a great source of protein and natural fats) and some nuts. Carbohydrates are not your body’s preferred energy source, its protein and you need lots of them. So if you want to become and stay energized and lean-for-life, you have to eat foods that contain lots of PEOs, protein and natural fats.


Mike Maunu – Founder