Protein-Based Foods That Will Make You Lean-For-Life

proteinThere is one more fact that makes becoming lean-for-life by emphasizing protein even easier. It was stated in the Textbook of Medical Physiology that “By eating protein, your metabolism is raised 30% for up to 12 hours. This effect is called the specific dynamic action of protein!” This only means that if you normally need 2,000 calories of energy every day for metabolic processes, then by eating more protein you will now require 2,600 calories just to maintain yourself. Your own body fat fuels the additional energy requirement. Naturally, you don’t have to increase your appetite when burning your extra body fat or you won’t lose more weight. One of the benefits of the PEOs is to help control your appetite, because it helps fulfill your appetite. If you rather eat meat instead of fish, go ahead. You can enjoy eating your favorite steak because it is a great source of protein and PEOs.

Protein-based foods, especially animal-based protein is a great source of protein. Sausage and bacon usually have a high fat content, so they are not recommended as a daily choice for maximum weight loss. You can enjoy eating them a few times a week, especially if well-cooked for maximum fat removal. It will work fine to keep you on the lean-for-life path. Turkey sausage is also great source of protein, although not as flavorful because it contains more water, more protein and less fat than other sausages.

You have to remember that fat helps you fulfill your appetite, so you have to add some of those amazing PEOs when eating your protein-based foods to make sure you stay full while encouraging maximum fat-burning. An animal-based protein food like steak is a great source of PEOs as well as protein.


Mike Maunu – Founder