Protein Helps Stop Food Cravings

proteinIt has been discovered that protein is an ideal food for several reasons which was based on the state-of-the-art medical science. Protein has a unique property that it can’t be converted to body fat. Most of the protein you consumed are used for your own body’s structural tasks (which force nature to use more of your own body fat for energy) or burned up in its own digestion. Natural fats, Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and protein are your friends and they are critical in satisfying your appetite.

Fish oil supplements do not help with fulfilling human body’s appetite, but PEOs and protein does. Therefore, PEOs, protein and natural fats stop food cravings because they make you full. When you eat meat like steak, your body’s digestive systems will have to work hard in digesting it because of the meat’s high amounts of connective tissue. Chicken and fish are a lot easier to digest as well as eggs. After eating a steak, your stomach will feel heavy or you have this full feeling and you also stop craving for food.

Remember that all proteins are naturally tied to fats. It’s not the protein actually that satisfy your appetite, but it’s the natural fats. These natural fats are healthy and the remaining fats in the fish and meat you eat would be used as energy and stop you from running on your own body fat. Unlike the water being molecularly tied to protein, a lot of fat does get removed during preparation, so there is little need to remove all the fat from your food.


Mike Maunu – Founder