Protein Helps Weight-Loss Solution

proteinProtein is an ideal food for many reasons based on state-of-the-art medical science. It contain a unique property that can’t be converted to body fat and the majority of the protein eaten is burned up in its own digestion or used for structural tasks which is by forcing nature to use more of your own body fat for energy, exactly what you desire. But the good news about protein doesn’t stop there. Nature binds protein to appetite-fulfilling natural fats, which is called Parent Essential Oils (PEOs). These natural fats are your friend and are critical to satisfying your appetite while becoming lean-for-life.

Fish oils do nothing to fulfill your appetite, but PEOs from plants do fulfill your appetite. Therefore, PEOs naturally curb the cravings, while the various fish/marine oils do not. This only means that if you eat a pound of sushi or fish, such as sockeye salmon, it has 700% water content. Yes, that means that 70% of the salmon has no calories. For the most part, this isn’t water that dissipates away by cooking. This is water molecularly coupled to the amino acids, the building blocks of proteins themselves. This is the key. The vast majority of the water in protein is still retained when cooking. For instance, a roast which is 73% water before cooking is 65% water after cooking. The majority of protein’s water isn’t cooked away. The water is molecularly bonded to the amino acids.

So if you are planning to lose weight, consume protein-based foods like meat, fish and nuts for vegetarians. Those foods do not just contain protein, but the PEOs needed by your body.


Mike Maunu – Founder