Protein Is Good For Kidneys

ProteinSeveral people are not eating animal meat especially red meat, because some dietitians and physicians stated that protein is not good for kidneys. However, this recommendation is wrong, protein does not harm your kidneys. What harm your kidneys is uncontrolled blood-sugar levels. That’s the reason why diabetic people have the number one rate of having a kidney failure. The Basic Medical Biochemistry stated that, “glutamine (an amino acid from protein) removes all of the ammonia, a normal by-product of protein metabolism, from your blood stream. It’s the same normal action of biochemistry as the way carbon dioxide is removed from your blood with each exhalation of breath so that you don’t die. It’s your body’s normal job to effortlessly perform these tasks.”

There is another mistake that also led to the wrong conclusion that protein is not good for your kidneys and that was, diabetics with high sugar levels were given protein and the sugar glycosylated it (surrounded it) so the protein was excreted in the urine. Actually what caused the protein to spill over into the urine is the abnormally high sugar level. Normally, the protein can enter the kidney, but due to the excessive sugar, it spill over into the urine. This is based on science and the researchers didn’t understand what they were measuring. Protein actually is needed by human body, especially animal-based protein because it contains more protein than plant-based protein. Protein and other nutrients like natural fats and Parent Essential Oils or PEOs can help fulfill your appetite and stay healthy and fit for life.


Mike Maunu – Founder