Protein Is Good For the Heart

proteinIf you want to become and stay healthy and lean-for-life, you must not listen to wrong advice from other nutritionists and physicians. Human body needs nutrients to function well, become energized, healthy and lean-for-life. These nutrients needed by your body are natural fats, PEOs and protein. Where can you acquire these nutrients? You can get them by consuming foods that contain them in their ‘Parent’ forms or unprocessed. Food processing destroys the nutrients from the food that you eat.

One of the most deadly diseases today is heart disease or cardiovascular disease (CVD). Meat is not a casual factor in cardiovascular disease, nor is its inherent saturated fat content. This is actually demonstrated by the lack of CVD in the northern meat-eaters. In the South, as Dr. Rowen can personally attest, the vegetarians eat lots and lots of adulterated cooking oils. The entire risk of CVD can’t be blamed on protein, but lies in these adulterated oils and their oxygen-depleting action on cells.

Protein is good for the human body. In fact, protein is important in assisting blood clotting and performing many other important bio physiologic tasks. Those people that recommended the restriction of protein does not based their beliefs on science. If there were recommendations against consumption of protein, it might come from the concern about the consumption of the additives like pesticide residues which are used to raise the animals. Those pesticides residues are the ones that are dangerous to human health. When you buy meat, you have to make sure that the animal source of the meat eats grass that is organic to ensure your heath’s safety.


Mike Maunu – Founder