Proteins and EFAs are Superior to Carbohydrates

ProteinIn December 2005, Online Medical Journal,, a publication for cardiologists published that “Turning conventional dietary wisdom on its head, results of the OMNIHEART study indicates that substituting proteins or unsaturated fats for carbohydrates within the context of a healthy diet can reduce blood pressure and improve lipid profiles.”

Based on their study, compared with participants that are eating carbohydrate-rich diet, those eating the protein-rich diet had greater reductions in their blood pressure. They even took issue with the study that focused on monounsaturated fats, Dr. Barbara Howard said that she would have preferred a study that emphasize on polyunsaturated fats or EFAs, which are known to have better effect on cardiovascular risk than monounsaturated fats.

This definite evidence supports a protein-rich diet and fat over a high-carbohydrates diet. These facts are found in the medical journals and medical textbooks. These results are scientifically correct, but not popular in today’s climate of political correctness. If you don’t want to end up fat, dumb and dead, you should be careful when following popular opinion and conventional dietary wisdom from experts, dietitians and nutritionists. Proteins are important especially in fat-burning.

In this study, the researchers used olive oil which is monounsaturated oil, because it is fine and is safe to use. It is not processed like most of other commercial cooking oils in the supermarket. However, because olive oil contains very few of the essential fatty acids (PEOs), the study results would have been even stronger if a PEOs-containing oil had been used.


Mike Maunu – Founder