Raw Food with High Levels of Parent Omega 6 Content

Parent omega 6People are misinformed about the Parent omega 3 content of nuts. The information about unprocessed nuts that have lots of Parent omega 3 that are healthy for the body is incorrect. The truth is, nuts does not contain omega 3, they contain Parent omega 6 instead. When you compare the nutrient contents of nuts, Parent omega 6 is higher and there’s no trace of Parent omega 3 in nuts.

Walnuts contain a whopping five times more Parent omega 6 than Parent omega 3, yet researchers wrongly give all the credit to walnut’s small Parent omega 3 component, neglecting its critical Parent omega 6 component. The Parent omega 3 component is significant but far from the whole story. There was no difference in EPA/DHA (derivative) levels, only PEO levels.

In addition, nuts are not the only source of Parent Omega 6. There are also fruits, meat and vegetables that contain high levels of Parent omega 6 than Parent omega 3. Nicholas Dynes Gracey, a UK medical biochemist have provided important information about raw fruits/meat/fish and vegetables with PEO content.

Parent omega 6/Parent omega3 milligrams in one pound of various fruits and selected foods. It only shows that you need to consume lots of Parent omega 6 than Parent omega 3 and that Parent omega 6 helps prevent any disease such as cancer, diabetes, autism and more. Some raw food that contain high levels of Parent omega 6 are avocado, apple, banana, raspberry, milk, lamb, olive, grape coconut, cherry, carrot salmon, mackerel and more.


Mike Maunu – Founder