Recommended Amounts of Daily Protein

animal-based proteinFor the last 20 years, the amounts of daily protein recommended are far too little. One of America’s current leading physicians has recommended in his newsletter just a few ounces, which is as low as 2-3 each day and which is actually not enough for the protein needed by human body. This recommendation is at odds with the biochemical functions that occur within every human body. Majority of the protein you consumed daily an enormous amount about 60-70% is tragically vaporized away in fueling your body’s own digestion. And the remaining 30-40% of the protein is used for its other needs.

The medical textbook, Basic Medical Biochemistry state that, “Following the ingestion of a high protein meal, the gut and liver utilize most of the absorbed amino acids. Glutamine and aspartate are utilized as fuels by the gut.” In addition, there are other process occur in the body that further reduce the net protein left to take care of all the remaining protein needs of the body. These important facts should be taken into consideration in order to deduce the correct amount of protein you need to eat each day.

For maximum health, a 150-pound man requires a full pound of protein daily for normal bodily processes. Your body is highly efficient and can recycle about half of the daily protein requirement for the next day. It only means that at least 8 ounces of animal-based protein needs to be consumed each day. Animal-based protein means protein from sources like cottage cheese, eggs and full-fat yogurt and also meat, poultry and fish. 8 ounces of animal-based protein is not an excessive amount. When you start with 8 ounces of protein, you are left, after its digestion with just 2-3 ounces to support tissues like your muscles as well as many biochemical reactions. You can get a lot of nutrients from meat and not just protein, meat also is a great source of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, which is needed by human body to produce essential fats or EFAs.


Mike Maunu – Founder