Red Meat Does Not Cause Cancer

first-class proteinIt has been reported in Medical News Today on June 5, 2007 that “red” meat does not promote cancer. It was published in the recent studies in the journal Cancer Science have disapproved the myth that red meat consumption increases colorectal cancer. Also researchers have run a large case-controlled study in Japan that examines the association of meat, fish and fat intake with risk of colorectal cancer. Found that intake of beef/pork, processed meat, total fat, saturated fat or n-6 PUFA [parent omega 6] showed no clear association with the overall or subsite specific risk of colorectal cancer.

It only means that consumption of red meat does not increase colorectal cancer risk. Red meat without added hormones or any chemicals could not cause cancer. Furthermore, meat is a first-class protein source. The “red” meat’s natural saturated fat is burned for energy and its PEOs are used in numerous biochemical reactions. Meat protein is also required in order to maximize hemoglobin oxygen binding capability. Opposite of what most nutritionists and physicians have led most people to believe for decades, red meat and its associated saturated fat content are not cancer-causing.

In addition, the study showed that fish and other fish products consumption was not statistically significant in decreasing cancer risk. You can eat your favorite steak without feeling guilty, but only eat meat that is natural or organic with no hormones or steroids added. By eating organic meat, you are eating the protein and natural fats that your body needs to remain healthy and lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder