Satisfy Your Food Cravings With PEOs

PEOs-rich foodsWhen it comes to maintaining your body, staying fit, energized and lean-for-life, it is best to eat the right foods. Eating foods with the right nutrients is the secret not to gain weight and stop your food cravings. Animal-based protein is essential for the health of the cell, tissue and organs. This should be the foundation of every meal because this is where our bodies get what they need to remain healthy. Fats are critical too, it’s the carbohydrates that are unnecessary.

When your body uses carbohydrates for direct energy, it can’t and won’t burn its own body fat. If the carbohydrate is not burned immediately, it will be stored as additional body fat. This stored fat goes to your belly and thighs. If you want to lose excess fats, you have to minimize the foods with high fat storage rating or you have to avoid carbs.

However, there are also good fats, which are parent omega 6 and parent omega 3. These fats can only be produced by our body. But in order for our body to produce those essential fats or EFAs, we have to consume lots of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs. These can only be acquired from the food that we consume. PEOs sources are plant-based like fresh fruits and vegetables as well as animal-based protein. They should be eaten fresh and raw so that all the nutrients are still intact. Once cooked, PEOs will be wiped out. Remember that we need lots of PEOs in order for body to produce EFAs, that’s why we have to eat PEOs regularly. That’s the main reason why we kept on craving for foods, because our body lacks PEOs. In order to stay fit and lean-for-life, satisfy your food cravings with PEOs-rich foods.


Mike Maunu – Founder