Scientific Facts That Can Help You Lose Weight

lean-for-lifePeople are practicing popular opinion “expert” advice on how to lose weight or getting in shape for many years, but still obesity and overweight problem is still rampant today and there are still several people getting fatter and sicker every day. Popular advices from some dietitians and nutritional authors are going nowhere and are all worthless. But based on scientific facts, the number one solution in becoming and staying lean-for-life is eating foods that contain nutrients like natural fats, Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and protein.

Some experts said that calories are all that count, it makes no difference what food they come from and all that matters is: Calories in – calories “burned up” = fatness. This popular opinion is very wrong! Dr. Adolph Fick disapproved the calorie theory in 1893. Calories do count, but not in the way they are telling you. The human body is not a heat engine like a furnace that burns fuel (food) for heat. You are eating for structure to make muscles, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, cell membranes, nerve structure, etc.

Another popular opinion also stated that, “Everyone is different. Physically, we all require something different from everyone else.” This is wrong again. Every human being is much more alike. Humans all have the same essential biochemistry and physiology. Human diet should be composed of foods that contain all the nutrients that your body need and you can only acquire them from the food that you eat. You should consume more of organic meat, poultry products, dairy products and some nuts for protein and natural fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables for PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder