Simple 5-Step Program to Minimize Your Risk of Contracting Cancer Part 1

Omega_6Step # 1. Take adequate parent omega-6 (linoleic acid-LA) and parent omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid-ALA) essential polyunsaturated oils (EFAs) daily in order to maintain maximum oxygen transfer to the cell. Take a daily minimum of 3 grams of a blended  parent omega-6 and 3 in the proportions (Reference: The Scientific Calculation of the Optimal Omega-6/3 Ratio at (EFA Report: The Scientific Calculation) for very strong anticancer protection, the EFA oils should be blended in a proportion between 1:1 to 2:5 of parent omega-6 to parent omega-3.) about 1 teaspoon of blended oil daily. This translates to approximately 3/4 gram oil per every 35 pounds of bodyweight.

Step #2. You should get enough copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc, in a “truly chelated” bioavailable form. These minerals influence and maximize the respiratory (co)enzymes for maximum oxygen transfer to occur according to Dr. Warburg. They help EFAs do their job. Make sure they are in bioavailable form (truly chelated meaning chemically bonded to an amino acid) or they won’t be maximally effective.

It is difficult to guarantee how to obtain enough of the cancer-fighting minerals without supplementation because of the widespread nutrient deficient soil which is caused by over-farming the land.

Step #3. Make sure you eat adequate animal-based protein from natural or organic, free-range sources free of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides daily.  Cheese and organic eggs (cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. included) are great sources of protein. Cream and “Raw” milk are excellent sources, too. You must avoid all “low-fat” varieties. Eat a minimum of 8 oz. a day for a 150 lb. person. Research makes clear that animal based protein should be your number one anticancer food choice after the EFA-containing oils. Once the EFA deficiency is solved, your appetite will work correctly and will guide you as to the correct amount of protein to eat without your having to count calories or amounts. As contrary to popular belief, on a physiological basis you can’t eat too much protein. The majority of the protein that you eat (60-70%) is used to fuel its own digestion.

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Mike Maunu – Founder