Soy is Dangerous To Human Health

soybeanIt has been reported in the Canadian Journal of Biochemistry in 1977 that soybean trypsin inhibitor was found to inhibit transformation of human lymphocytes. It means that the soybean actually weakens your immune system. Trypsin is an enzyme being used in protein digestion. An inhibitor is something that disables the trypsin. It only means that a trypsin inhibitor prevents the protein you consume from being fully utilized, and this in turn makes your immune system weak. If your immune system is weak, it is not beneficial in the war against cancer.

Soybean is also not good to thyroid. It was stated in Biochemical Pharmacology that “Soybean contain compounds (genistein and daidzein-the ‘active ingredients’) that inhibit (interfere with) thyroid peroxidase (TPO)-which is essential to thyroid hormone synthesis (production).” Genistein and daidzein are the active endocrine-disrupting compounds in soybeans. It was stated in a biochemical journal that TPO in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, which causes irreversible inactivation of the enzyme (TPO) unless iodide is in the reaction. Always remember that hydrogen peroxide is always present in the body from normal reactions.

However, because of bad advice from some experts and nutritionists, many people especially women, have decreased their consumption of amount of animal-based protein. If you reduce your dietary fat, you often reduce your protein intake along with it. You can only get just a small amount of protein from vegetable-based protein. You can also get essential amount of Parent Essential oils or PEOs from meat, meat from animals that eat grass.


Mike Maunu – Founder