How To Stay Fit and Healthy

Parent Essential OilsOne of the most major health problems that most people are facing is obesity. There are several obese children as well as teenagers and adults today. And the number one cause is improper diet and nutrition. Nutritional experts and physicians have misled people for several years. Some nutritionists have recommended that consuming lots of fruits and vegetables can make you lose weight and become healthy. However, too much sugar consumption from the fruits can make you fat and diabetic and even eating too much starchy carbohydrate from grains and legumes can make you fat. That’s the reason why there are vegetarians that are overweight. Eating just the minimum amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is helpful, but too much consumption is not healthy for human body.

One of the great sources of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs are fresh fruits and vegetables, but you should eat green leafy vegetables as well as one apple day is enough and helpful to keep you healthy. However, if you drink a quart of apple juice a day can make you overweight and diabetic because processed fruit juice contains preservatives and sugar. You should fulfill your appetite with foods that contain the nutrients that your body needed like natural fats, PEOs and protein. Protein from meat or animal-based protein is the number one source of meat, but you should choose the source of meat. Meat from grass-eater animals are natural/organic as well as other products that you can get from such animals like eggs, cheese and milk.


Mike Maunu – Founder