Stay Lean-For-Life With Living Foods Diet

unadulterated PEOsThose people that are eating Living Foods diet tend not to have a weight problem. Even Professor Brian Peskin has agreed that consuming lots of more fruits in a diet has superb results, including increased energy, fulfillment of cravings for sweets and even weight loss. In fact, if you are following a Living Foods program, calorie counting is strictly unnecessary. If your diet is simply loaded with unadulterated PEOs in their native, Nature-made state you will not gain weight, because they could satisfy your cravings. Unadulterated PEOs are foods that are still in their “Parent” form or have not undergone any food processing like fresh fruits and vegetables. Patients that are following the Living foods diet with no intake of any supplements, particularly fish oil supplements may well benefit.

Consuming unadulterated oils daily is a great help if you want to stay lean-for-life and disease-free. There are Parent Essential Oils or PEOs in green leafy veggies. (Just feel the slippery textures of butter lettuce.), fruits and most all Living plant products, but you need to eat lots of them to satisfy your body’s daily dose of PEOs. Meat from cows and goats that eat grass are great sources of PEOs. They get all the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 they need from grass. Grass is one of the rare plant foods that is extremely high in Parent omega 3, but Nature ensures that those grass-eater animals “burn” or oxidize most of it, so Parent omega 6 becomes concentrated in their tissue and organs. So if you want to stay energized, lean-for-life and disease-free, eat lots of foods that contain PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder