Summary of Fish Oil Failures

Fish oil has many studies that show success, and has just a few that support his position about the fish oil failures.

Professor Brian Peskin examples are far more convincing and he relies on discerning only well-conducted studies and experiments. Moreover, Professor Brian Peskin looks at the scientifically based causes of fish oil’s massive failures.

Fish oil either fails to help or worsens:

  1. Abnormal heart rhythm—atrial fibrillation (AF) fish oil failures
  2. Alzheimer’s
  3. Athletic performance issues
  4. Blood sugar levels—increasing insulin resistance and blood glucose levels
  5. Chemotherapy ineffectiveness
  6. Colon cancer
  7. Cardiovascular disease
  8. Depression
  9. Immune system disorders
  10. Incessant hunger—contributing to the obesity epidemic
  11. Inflammation
  12. Macular Degeneration
  13. Platelet movement in patients with existing vascular disease
  14. Skin cancer

One of the most convincing arguments against fish oil supplementation is not on this list. It is the IOWA screening experiment that Investigates Oils With respect to Arterial health. It is an important screening experiment done by the experts. Fortunately for fish oil advocates, they are playing in a baseball game where “three strikes and you’re out” does not apply. Since even the thirteen strikes listed above and fourteen more in the Scientific Support section are not enough to end fish oil’s time in the batter’s box, the smart physician and wise patient will have the ammunition they need to stop playing this rigged game. In either case, fish oil is wrongly given the credit. These happen all the time in medical trials and beware of that.


Mike Maunu – Founder