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PEO Solution – Conquering Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease with Parent Essential Oils

The Highly Anticipated Landmark book by Prof. Brian Peskin and Dr. Robert Rowen! PEO Solution: Conquering Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease with Parent Essential Oils is the collaborative effort of Prof. Brian S. Peskin, BSEE-MIT and Robert Jay Rowen, M.D.

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Thanks to you and your PEO discovery, he (the patient) is back to playing golf, walking the course. All medical professionals need to know the material in PEO Solution.

Kelvin Lindgren, M.D. (USA), Clinic for Optimal Health

PEO Solution has direct application in the prevention and management of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, neurological problems, and all chronic diseases and disorders. All physicians need to incorporate this new, high-powered clinical tool immediately.

Jagadish G. Donki, M.D. Integrative Oncologist, Integrative Cancer Therapy Centre

PEO SOLUTION is a book that MUST be read by all health professionals. The information is very rich and very clear.  Doctors and our family also have health problems and the information will help us to personally have a better quality of life along with our patients.

José Roberto López Olivares, M.D., Anti-aging/Integrative Medicine (El Salvador)

The information you have shared with me has been extremely valuable to the practice of medicine. Understanding biochemistry and the real science of medicine is so critical for all of the physicians who practice medicine like myself. I know that my brothers and sisters who practice medicine long for this information.

David J Foscue, M.D., Family Practice (USA)

PEO Solution gives physicians the “inside track” on the greatest medical breakthrough of the century—a “must-read” for every medical doctor who is serious about curing patients and keeping them well.

Christine Boss, R.Ph. (USA), Medicinal Chemist and Master Trainer

This book uniquely fulfills fishoil’s failed promise, giving the medical profession the solution: PEOs. Saying this is a ‘must-read’ for all health professionals is an understatement.

Brian Vonk, M.D. (USA), Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, and Radiologist