The Answer To Skin Cancer

skin cancerIt is essential that you take good care of your skin because it is the most exposed part of your body. Your skin is always exposed to dirt and sun’s UV rays which is dangerous to your skin because it can cause skin cancer. Recently, it has been discovered that skin cancer is very common today particularly to young women. According to some research, skin cancer factors include PEO deficiency and fish oil consumption. PEOs helps protect and prevent your skin from getting damaged or having skin problems especially skin cancer.

A very important fact in combating skin cancer is to understand that your precious skin contains virtually no mega 3 or its derivatives. However, your skin is loaded with Parent omega 6. The human skin comprises approximately 4% of body weight; your skin weighs more than your brain. If your skin is deficient in Parent omega 6 through following incorrect nutritional recommendations, you would expect skin cancer to run rampant and it does. There are over one million skin cancer cases each year. With recommendations by some experts like physicians and nutritionists to take “lots of omega 3” and “no omega 6”, it becomes obvious why skin cancer continues to skyrocket. You haven’t given your skin the essential ingredient that it needs. Now you can protect yourself with the Parent Essential Oils or PEOs recommendations in this simple plan. If you want to have a healthy skin as well as healthy inside and out, start changing your diet with PEOs-based diet and stop fish oil consumption.


Mike Maunu – Founder