The Difference between the Parent EFAs from the “Derivative” EFAs

PEOs-based foodsIt is vital for you to know the difference between the parent EFAs from the “derivative” EFAs. “Parent” means the whole form of the Parent Essential Oils or PEOs as it occurs in nature before it’s broken down or built up into any of its component derivatives. You don’t need to consume derivatives, because your body doesn’t need them. Your body can produce its own out of the PEOs you consume, that’s the reason why you have to eat PEOs-based foods regularly to supply the PEOs that our body needs to produce EFAs or the Parent Omega 6 and Parent Omega 3.

Taking fish oil supplements and other health-food store “EFAs” can overdose you with derivatives and very dangerous to your health. Overdosing can cause illness such as cancer, cardiovascular disease or CVD and diabetes. You should consume PEOs and should be part of your daily diet. It is also important that you should take more natural, unprocessed, parent omega 6 than parent omega 3 and no fish oil supplements. This recommendation is based on physiology of your body and no the erroneous opinion that could lead everyone to overdose on omega 3.

PEOs-based foods are also the solution to stop your food cravings because “Parent” forms can satisfy your appetite. They can help you stay fit, healthy and lean-for-life without causing danger to your health. Fresh fruits and vegetables, some nuts and meat form cattle animals that eat grass are their great sources. You should avoid eating processed foods because they contain adulterated PEOs that often cause illness.


Mike Maunu – Founder