The Miracle of EFA “Oxygen Magnets”

EFAs Polyunsaturated EFAs is often called as “oxygen magnets.” The proof of this fact is buried in the world’s leading medical textbooks and medical journals such as Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 26th edition and Human Nutrition Clinical Nutrition, July 1984. EFAs are essential to the structure and function of cellular respiration. Cancer is often caused by low respiration efficiency. These EFA oxygen magnets in the cell membrane attract the oxygen that’s in your bloodstream and transfer it into the cell just like little oxygen sponges. You will be that much more susceptible to cancer if you don’t have the proper functional EFAs at the cellular level because your cells will not absorb enough oxygen from your bloodstream. Without a continuing new supply of these EFAs (Parent omega 3 / omega 6) from food, cellular oxygen transfer is significantly reduced.

A great example that shows essential fats absorb oxygen is that fish spoils rapidly because the EFA-containing oil has the capacity to absorb lots of oxygen. This chemical process is called “oxidation.” This is also true with other types of essential fats (Parent omega 3 / omega 6). They do their job of absorbing oxygen, but because of it they have a limited life. EFAs e easily spoils, that’s why they need to be replaced every day from the food we consume. There are many ways to add additional oxygen to the bloodstream, by living a healthy life like drinking “oxygenated” water, exercising, or breathing purer air. However, these partial solutions are insufficient for maximum anticancer protection. When the EFA deficiency is solved, every organ becomes its own “oxygen magnet”.


Mike Maunu – Founder