The Power Of Parent Omega 6

Parent Omega 6

A lot of people are misinformed about the omega 3 content of nuts. People have been told that unprocessed nuts contain lots of Parent omega 3 and that is the reason why they are healthy to human body. However, this information is not true, and the truth is there is insignificant Parent omega 3 in nuts and their power comes from Parent omega 6. Aside from walnuts, which still contain a whopping five times more Parent omega 6 than Parent omega 3.

Parent omega 6 dominates in tissue and organ structure. It must therefore dominate in plasma lipids. Human beings require more Parent omega 6 than Parent omega 3. The majority of Parent omega 6 is adulterated and not fully usable. All restaurant/supermarket commercial cooking oil is adulterated and not fully functional. The Parent Essential Oils or PEOs that your body needs should unprocessed or organically processed in order to guarantee full functionality and bioavailability. Adulterated Parents yield adulterated omega 6 derivatives. Parent omega 3 or its derivatives have never been used for baking or frying. Parent omega 3 is far too reactive and they spoil easily like rancid fish. That’s the reason why adulteration of Parent omega 6 is by far the more significant issue.

Since omega 6 is the only PEOs that are used in cooking, then if nothing is done to offset its adulteration, all organs, tissues, cells and cellular mitochondria have impaired membranes. As expected, outcomes from studies using adulterated oils are typically negative. Adulterating oils by hydrogenating or interesterifying them is known to cause cancer, cardiovascular disease or CVD and diabetes.


Mike Maunu – Founder