There’s No Connection Between High Protein and Osteoporosis

animal-based proteinProtein is critically important in human’s diet and consuming too much protein does not risk osteoporosis. Human body requires a lot of protein for metabolic structures like hemoglobin, which helps with oxygen transfer so that you won’t suffer a stroke, tissue structure like muscles, antibodies to fight infection and all of your enzymes making chemical reactions occur at up to 1,000,000 times faster. Just like with Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein helps with the distribution of oxygen to all parts of your body in order to function very well. Although some people and nutritionists are telling people to minimize protein, their recommendations don’t make sense because most of human system is protein-based. Anyone who is telling you such contradictory statements needs to reevaluate their reasoning.

The 2005 OMNIHEART study proved how inferior the carbohydrate-rich diet compared to the protein-rich diet as well as how the protein-rich diet produced better blood chemistry. It was published in 2002, in the American Journal of Epidemiology what happened when people tried to replace animal-based protein with vegetable-based protein. It was stated in the medical journal that if you are consuming more animal-based protein, the lesser you are with osteoporosis risk. However, more consumption of vegetable-based protein resulted to bone loss. It was only proven that vegetable-based protein is more inferior to the animal-based protein to prevent bone loss. That’s the main reason why you have to consume plenty of animal-based protein regularly to achieve maximum bone health and in order to stop bone loss.


Mike Maunu – Founder