What are Secondary Causes of Cancer

CancerToday, every supposed cause of cancer mentioned in the health and nutritional press is a secondary cause. Secondary cancer causes include things such as environment, chemical carcinogens, environmental and medical radiation, transfats, food additives, the chemicals in cigarette smoke, viruses, and even genetic mutations. There are several secondary causes of cancer and minimizing them and their harmful effects can be helpful in preventing cancer.

But endlessly pursuing new secondary causes, like smoking, without explaining specifically what common effect they have on the cells has never, and will never, lead researchers to a real cancer cure. Experts cautioned people again and again about wasting precious time pursuing secondary causes. Make no mistake about this, the thing every secondary cause of cancer has in common with every other one is that it leads, directly or indirectly, to insufficient oxygen in the cells. Therefore, if we directly address the question of how to get sufficient oxygen to the cells, we will have minimized the danger from every type of secondary cause.

Prevention is the ultimate solution to never contracting cancer. One way of preventing cancer is staying in a highly oxygenated environment, because too little oxygen is the # 1 cause of cancer. It’s all a matter of degree of respiration impairment.  There are other cancer prevention methods discovered by other cancer experts, but the most effective is by living a heathy life by eating healthy diet such as PEOs-rich diet like fresh fruits and vegetables. Cancer also can be prevented by avoiding things like smoking cigarette, food additives, chemical carcinogens and other cancer causing things. Avoiding and minimizing those cancer causing things could be very helpful in preventing cancer.


Mike Maunu – Founder