What Causes Cancer

cancerCancer is evolution and it is the body, at the cellular level, attempting to survive. You need to know that cells need oxygen and the human body needs the functional, oxygen-transferring PEOs (Parent Essential Oils). Cells get most of their energy by using oxygen (respiration) compared to utilizing energy without oxygen (fermentation). This is a reaction of the lowest simplest form.

It has been proved over 80 years ago by Nobel Prize-winner Otto Warburg, MD, PhD that a 35% reduction in oxygen can cause any cell to either die or turn cancerous.  The result has been confirmed by American experiments from 1953 to 1955.

Oxygen deficiency perishes cells that can’t obtain enough energy through fermentation. The remaining cells that can survive without oxygen stay alive, but there is a huge price to be paid; lack of cellular intelligence.

Through evolution or intelligent design, cells are fulfilling their primary mission which is to stay alive and reproduce themselves.  However, the remaining cells can only reproduce with the help of PEOs. In the case of oxygen deficiency cells are struggling to survive in a hostile environment because of PEOs deficiency, which is needed to transfer oxygen.  Because of this, cells are forced to become cancerous.  The cancer will get worse inside since you don’t feel the cancer growing.

Adulterated fats from the food processing industry from supermarket’s cooking oil can cause oxygen deficiency.  These adulterated oils have ruined the functional, oxygen-transferring PEOs (Parent Essential Oils) during the processing. The common processed food we eat can cause cancer.


Mike Maunu – Founder