What to Eat To Stay Healthy and Lean-For-Life

living foods dietWe eat food for structure like building muscle, making tissue and organs, making anti-bodies, hormones, producing organs and more. The type of food that we eat has everything to do with how the food is utilized by the body. Not all foods that we consume are simply burned for energy. This fact is another reason why the “calorie theory” of fat gain is naïve and incomplete.  We should eat food like “living foods diet” if we want to have a leaner body. Food that contains PEOs is the right kind, like fresh fruits and vegetables.

A fast metabolism alone is not the answer to become and stay lean-for-life. The answer to become lean-for-life is to stay in fat-burning mode longer, yet not to have to eat all day long. You have to eat fabulous foods that will keep us and content throughout the day while your body is in maximum fat-burning mode, even while your sleep and PEOs is of great help.

There are plenty of healthy and fabulous foods that you can eat that will fill you up, not out. You can naturally fulfill your appetite by eating foods that contain great amount of PEOs like fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits can give you more energy. Meat also contains PEOs and protein and can help make your body lean. But you should eat meat from animals that eat grass and should not be overcooked to ensure that all nutrients are still intact when you consume it. Food processing destroys all the nutrients and PEOs and processed foods could be dangerous to your health.


Mike Maunu – Founder