What you Need to Know about Testosterone Therapy

testosteroneA study that has been conducted from 2011 by Australian scientists found that in healthy men, age has no effect on testosterone level, that testosterone doesn’t decline because of old age. It declines because of deteriorating general health. The researchers concluded that older men, even with lower testosterone levels, don’t need testosterone therapy unless they have disease of the pituitary or the testes.

As you well understand, steroidal hormones have cholesterol as their substrate. With addition of fully functional PEOs, the cholesterol becomes fully functional via its (esterified) PEOs. Everyone who consumes processed food will be overdosed on estrogenic substances.

Men’s sperm counts are significantly lower than in the past. PEOs give the building blocks to overcome this unnatural imbalance. Once again, we see that a cause is confused with its effect. This study analyzed blood testosterone levels in over 300 men nine separate times over a three-month time frame – there were no mistake in measurement. Why would patients’ testosterone levels become too low? Testosterone is derived with cholesterol as its substrate. When cholesterol’s esterified Parent omega 6 is adulterated from food processing, the cholesterol structure is adulterated. Hence, testosterone’s functionality is highly impaired.

Ensure your patients have proper PEOs and steroidal-based hormonal issues, which is for both male and female will be minimized. You have to make sure that you consume food that contains enough PEOs (unsaturated PEOs). These are PEOs that you can consume from fresh fruits and raw vegetables as well as meat from cattle animals (grass-eater).


Mike Maunu – Founder